Most Important Posts

Sometimes I write things on here that happen to be informative or useful for others, and I will collect and list them on this page to make it easier for people to find them.  That way no one will have to look around or sort through years of unrelated posts just to find them.

Low Spoon Cooking – In which I list some recipes and ideas for how I as a disabled person get food with very little energy.  There are time when not even these work, but they help a lot in general.

Pao Pain Scales – In which I list and explain my own personal pain scales that I defined since most pain scales I found wasn’t all that useful to explain my pain or chronic pain in general.

About How I Cope With Life – In which I list things and strategies I have for coping wit life, especially when it’s difficult.  It has a focus on depression and mental health, but they are more or less the same things as I do to cope with bad pain days/periods.

About how people are not allowed a personality once labeled – An old thing in which I express annoyance over what I commonly call the ‘I Have Read a Book Syndrome‘, that is, the infuriating way many helpers and healthcare professionals respond to someone telling them they have Aspergers or something else with: “Oh, I have read a book about this!  I will now disregard anything you say about your personal experiences and only go after my often poor understanding of the book instead! :D”

More things will be added here as they appear.

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