About Pao

Pao is pao.

I’m a creature of far too many words; a deep affection of monsters of many kinds; tea and non-teas, such as herbal teas without any actual tea in them; a very dark kind of humour; fire and incense; and trains, especially old steam locomotives. I name my wheelchairs silly things and I love them very much. Animals and nature will always be close to my heart. I’m also a first aid medic who almost always carry at least a few medkits in my bag when outside, always prepared to leap into action in case I’m needed. Guardian creature and monster baked into one: like a monster under your bed making sure no one can threaten you while you sleep.

I’m also disabled and chronically ill, which is what the main focus of this blog will be for the foreseeable future, although other things relevant to my interests may also be written about.

Some of the lovely things I live with are hypermobility and EDS; ADHD; insomnia; a very weird kind of eating disorder no one seems to know what to do about; chronic pain (like, all of the pain); fainting anywhere with no warning; depression; pain (did I mention pain? anyway, it should be here again); and migraines (why are migraines??).
I’m an ambulatory wheelchair user, which is basically a fancier way of saying I use a wheelchair a lot due to some the above conditions: I can still walk for some value thereof, but most days it hurts too much and it’s dangerous for me to do it too often or too long because of the fainting issues and the way my joints aren’t very interested of staying together.

At home I tend to use the wheelchair less, because the floor is flat and I never have to walk far and I can sit or lay down on the floor whenever I need to in difference from when I’m outside, but at home I also spend most of my time laying down or sitting in bed depending on my spoon levels, so those few steps hurt less than having to walk even five minutes to the store. Still, I’m trying to get into the habit of using my wheelchair more at home as well, because the fainting without warning is still quite an hazard and just getting worse.


In case this blog is not enough to satisfy you, you may want to check out these other places were I may sometimes be found:

Twitter – In case you want to see me obsess about my story characters, talk to people and write too much about trains and words and disabilities.  Occasionally there will also be art.

Redbubble – Where you can buy my art on various items. [There are unpleasant things on here as well, but by default they are hidden behind a ‘mature‘ filter unless you disable it.]

My story blog – As the name implies, I collect stories and poetry here.  [All the entries that need warnings should have them.]

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