Usually in November I will participate in Nanowrimo, a wonderful writing challenge where one is supposed to write 50,000 words of a novel in a month. The last few years this has not gone very well for me, and this year I have a lot of health issues going on that makes me feel it would not be worth even trying.

Instead, I have decided that this November I’ll be trying my best to publish one blog post every day to this blog. Hopefully this will still feel like some kind of accomplishment in the end, but the pressure will be so much lighter. It will still let me participate in word sprints and engage with the Nanowrimo Spirit without letting it possess me entirely. Some of these posts might be interesting. Some will most certainly not be. See, I am doing this as much as a writing challenge as I am doing it just in order to get this blog going again, something my perfectionism usually puts an end to very quickly, but it is something I’ll be trying to overcome as well.

So consider this a warning of sorts. I cannot promise you some blog posts won’t literally cut off mid-sentence as midnight draws close (yes, I’ll try to publish one post a day on the right side of midnight!). Not all of these might be very coherent, but this too will be rather on the topic since I had planned to use the month mostly writing about different disability issues and challenges and sometimes my chronic illnesses and disabilities make me quite incoherent.

Thus it is appropriate that today, this first day, I’m having a rising migraine which is getting really distracting, so instead of a ‘serious’ topic I decided to write this introduction so you’ll all know what’s going on without spoiling any of the ideas for topics I have.

Oh no, midnight is approaching!

But actually, yeah, it’s probably more of a yay, actually. I will go hide in the darkness now and hope my migraine eases up enough to let me sleep and do a better job at this in the morning.

I hope you want to follow along on this adventure.

/pao – 23.50 – 1 nov 2019

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