About Pao

Pao is pao.

I’m a storyteller wrapped up tightly in my blanket woven of words and patterns and stillness and quiet and archaic words all through the winter, letting them keep me warm while I’m waiting for spring and returning life.  I am the wild creature who sings through the summer nights, dancing and leaping and playing in joy and celebration, and curling up on sunwarmed stones or ground to rest.

I am Pao.  Just Pao. That is all, and that is everything I could ever be.
A weaver of words that make my webs of poetry and stories.
A predator who stalks and hunts in the shadows of autumn
curling up to sleep under a blanket of the deep winter snow
to awake, numb and cold, to a new life in the hesitant spring
to be able to play and sing all through the jubilant summer.


For you who want something more normal, like me summed up in random words that may or not make sense:
Tea, rats, opium incense, madness, cockroaches, starvation, love, loyalty, more tea, creatures, snakes, animals, plants, trees, growing things, paw prints, evolution, music, always trying to be a better me, horror art, stones, cloves, deep green moss, songs, patterns, poetry, things designed to be used, stories, fire, blood, linguistics, blue things, red things, black things, ivy, corsets, even more tea, meat, other meat, dead animals, bones, feathers, the game of Go, wilderness, pine needle tea, survival and surviving, hardy plants, hardy life, heather, lavender, potatoes…

For you who would like to know what a person such as I listen to:
Music friends make, music I make, Dan Andersson, Zeromancer, The Cure, Simon and Garfunkel, Ludovico Einaudi, Breaking Benjamin, Darren Korb, Jim Guthrie, Brand New, Mumford and Sons, My Favorite, Vienna Teng, Recoil, Hannah Fury, Okkervil River, Radical Face, Van Der Graaf Generator, Arcana, Tiamat, Bella Morte, Rise Against, Regina Spektor, Levellers, Of Monsters And Men, Skinny Puppy, Imperative Reaction, Two Steps From Hell, The Brothers Bright, The Faint, The Clockwork Dolls, The 69 Eyes, Songs:Ohia, Antimatter, Diary of Dreams, Tavener, Elend, Flogging Molly, Imagine Dragons, Leonard Cohen, Placebo, A Perfect Circle, Cirkus Miramar, Abney Park, The Mission UK, Shearwater.
To mention a few…

And I like to read, so perhaps you would like some namedropping here as well:
Biting The Sun, Klara och Skallbergsvargarna, A Fisherman of The Inland Sea, (Don’t sleep, There Are Snakes), Bäverdalen, I Döda Språks Sällskap, Neverwhere, (Eats, Shoots and Leaves), Exquisite Corpse, Låt Mig Sjunga Dig Milda Sånger, The Rediscovery of Man, Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, The Throwback, The Red Book, Book of Five Rings, Watership Down, Squee!, Animal Farm, The Amazing Maurice And His Educated Rodents, Women Who Run With The Wolves
Terry Pratchett, Tanith Lee, Cordwainer Smith, Neil Gaiman, Ursula K LeGuin, Jung, Jhonen Vasquez, Dan Andersson, Daniel Everett, Douglas Hofstadter and Clarissa Pinkola Estes should be mentioned by name as well, since they have all changed my life in some way or another.

I also want to mention the brightly coloured frog that tastes funny every time I try to lick it, but there are just a few people who would get the reference…


In case this blog is not enough to satisfy you you may want to check out these other places were I may sometimes be found:

Tumblr – Where I occasionally remember to post art I make. [CW: Quite a lot of blood, gore and horror on there.]

Redbubble – Where you can buy my art on various items. [There are unpleasant things on here as well, but by default they are hidden behind a ‘mature‘ filter unless you disable it.]

My story blog – As the name implies, I collect stories and poetry here.  [All the entries that need warnings should have them.]

Twitter – In case you want to see me obsess about my story characters, talk to people and write too much about trains and words.  Occasionally there will also be art and photos of cats.

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