It seems as if spring is finally returning again.  About a month ago it made an heroic effort but winter fought back and spring was postponed for a while.  Yesterday I thought I saw something green peeking up hesitantly from the dirt in my rhubarb bucket, and when I had a closer look I saw that under the old leaves of last year there were actually new ones!



This was exactly what I needed to see after such an unusually long and difficult winter.  The nuthatches and magpies are out and about, looking for good nest sites out on the mountain, and in Paolair my plants seem to do better now when light is returning.

Some of the plants did not survive the winter, nor did my mother’s mother.  Most of the rats did not.   I still doubt the last two rats will make it until the New Year’s celebration.

Still, I am waking up.  I’m in less pain and I feel a great deal of hope and joy.  Not only because it’s spring though, but also because of my visit to NordicFuzzCon.  That deserves a whole entry for itself any day now!

(This is a blurry photo a friend of mine took of me playing with one of the fursuiters there.)

(This is a blurry photo a friend of mine took of me playing with one of the fursuiters there.  The collie is unrelated; the German shepherd is related.)


I got to meet old friends which I meet too rarely, and also quite a lot of new people and new friends.  I walked away with a lot more hope than I came there with, and also quite a lot of inspiration for next year.

But I just thought I should write a spring update and show that there is still life in my seemingly dead branches; that I too will flower soon again in the light of the spring sunlight.

/pao – 5 apr 2013 – 19.57

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