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Perhaps I should at least begin updating my blog with my daily hundred words or something, so that at least something happens here?  It wouldn’t be very difficult at all.

Last year I wrote about three entries for the entire year, which is far from as much as I should write here.  I still have the idea that everything I write on my blog should be at least five pages of a deep analysis of something super important or I’m not doing it right.

It’s something I’m trying to get over.  Still, I don’t want it to be only a diary either.  And I am afraid to be too much all over the place with my content, but if someone read this blog they probably already know me and how wildly my interests vary.

Perhaps I ought to just try to write something here every day to get into a habit of doing so again, even if it’s just pasting my daily hundred words which I’m also trying to get into the habit of again.  (I have been slightly more active on my Tumblr, on which I mostly write short things which are terribly angry, bitter or both.  I really cannot recommend reading it unless you’re a fan of bitter and angry.)

Last year was a bit of a black hole, though, because of an experiment which kind of got out of hand and then needed five or six months of recovery time.  This winter was the first time in quite a while where I could function again, somewhat, and well… you all know how well I function during winters.  (If not: not well at all.)

But now spring is here, it’s soon time for my New Year celebration, and things are generally looking as if they can be a lot better this year.  So why not try it out?  And if I write too rarely here, please poke me on Twitter (Panterdjuret), where I’m almost always around.

Good luck, to us all.

/pao – 18 apr 2013 – 14.29

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