This is from an email I just wrote.  My female said I should put it up somewhere, so I do that here.  Will be useful if I have to return to it someday.


I think it is a bit interesting that two of my favourite books – both The Amazing Maurice and Fisherman – are in ways stories about stories, and one (Women Who Run With The Wolves) is about stories and storytelling as medicine.  I do not think this is just a coincidence, although I don’t think it’s just that simple either.  For me stories and storytelling are definitely important things, but not at the cost of everything else.  Although I really do believe that bad stories are better than no stories.

I used to think about myself as a forgotten doll in an abandoned and just as forgotten library when I was a Young Pao.  I still sometimes dream about that library, with broken windows and creeping ivy, golden sunlight sifting through the holes in the roof and the bright-yellow, fire-orange canopies of trees above, caught in eternal, sunny autumn.  Alone and immobile in an armchair, surrounded with books as wrinkled as the faces of old people.  Although at that time, I was quite alone and forgotten; in some ways it was by my choice, but mostly it was because of there being no alternative.  I did not mind much, I had books to read, poetry to write and a pot of tea to drink while I wrote myself through the night.  I also had Simon and Garfunkel and enough bitterness and hate to keep me warm through the coldest winter.


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