(a challenge)

I need something new and interesting to do creativity-wise.  100Words is fun and I love it, but it’s also just a hundred words a day.  So, I have decided that for the rest of January I will write at least one entry on my blog, no matter how short and/or cryptic it might end up.  I will be without internet for the eleventh to fourteenth, but I will still write entries for those days while I am away and publish them when the internetz returns.

Since I will focus on shorter entries, there is a great chance that there will be multiple entries in a single day.  I will try not to add everything in edits, but to actually make new posts.

This is an experiment, and as such things might not always work as planned, but I am bound to learn something from it.


/pao – 05 jan 2012 – 16.04

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