I’m bleurgh today.

I had a dream this morning.  I was out on a dark ice surface at night.  I tried to talk to Kadanina, but he would giggle and send me long texts and was quite insane.  I found a cave at last where a friend of mine was.  He gave me a statuette made of clay, shaped like some sort of reptilian version of some Great Old One and then left.  I hugged the statuette and then I decided to explore the cave.  In the cave I found Cthulhu, but he had regressed into being a bit like a great, green octopus.  I woke him up and he looked a bit annoyed and upset by this, so I found a homeless man and dragged him there so that Cthulhu could eat him.  After that, Cthulhu loved me and slithered around my legs a bit.  I went to a castle, but people there hated me.  I called for the red dragons, and they came and burnt the guards and soldiers to death.

It was really strange.

/pao – 15 jan 2012 – 20.02

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