Review: Glögg

Well, I talked to my father about reviewing mulled wine as well as some other things, so since I just had a cup of Dufvenkrooks Chili Choklad I thought I could as well review that one.  Note that I do not think that my opinions on this is in any way the True Opinion that all should have; this is mostly a good way for me to keep track of different new things that I try.  I will also not give any coherent review, but mostly list different aspects on a scale of one to five stars, with five being better than lower scores.
Here we go:

Dufvenkrooks Chili Choklad
2.25% alcohol
Glass bottle, 75 cl
Recomendation on bottle: Serve warm.

Smell: * * *
It smells a lot like mulled wine, with a hint of dark chocolate, missing some tones in the spectrum.  There is a sharp note before the chocolate one, stronger than the chocolate one, which I have not noticed in other mulled wine.  I do not like it much, but the overall impression is all right.  Not much better than all right, but at least that.

Taste: * *
There are more notes missing to the taste spectrum than to the smell spectrum, but the taste is sweeter than normal.  Also it has a strange, slightly bitter and hollow aftertaste.  I taste no hint of chilli.  It is not disgusting, but there is nothing here worth experiencing.

Colour: * * * *
The colour is lovely; it seems to be a slightly lighter shade of red than normal.  It is beautiful, but still not enough to earn a fifth star.  (Although their Blåbär Lingon is a clear five.  I will review that one later.)

Priceworthiness: * * *
I paid about 25 sek for it.  Since the mulled wine itself is drinkable and it is not very expensive, it is not a disaster.  If one likes experimenting, it is not that terrible and I would say that it is far from a waste of money.  But then again, sometimes my standards are not especially high.  If one likes experimenting, I would suggest making one’s own mulled wine.  It is bound to be more exciting, although perhaps not in a good way…

Verdict: I am not very impressed.  At all.  Although I must say that I like it when people try to invent new things.  For trying this combination I have to give them a small plus in the margin; not even I would have thought about trying to mix chocolate and chilli with mulled wine.

/pao – 06 dec 2011 – 20.03

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