Happy New (Gregorian) Year.

I have to wait almost five months more until my New Year, but for all you who like to celebrate the end of the calendar year; a happy new year to you.   I will spend the time with my male and my female at my male’s place, although I don’t celebrate this night in any other way than playing/singing Nyårshambo by Big fish and regretting things that should be regretted.  I have a few of those, but at least once a year I will regret them in preparation of the last of April when I let go of things that I should no longer keep.

My current Paobook is far from finished, so I’ll keep hold of it at least for half a year more I guess.

I will bring along the recorder.  I have no idea how long I will stay this time.


I have bought a camera.  Today I was out on the balcony and took some photos.


That’s all for now, I guess.  See you next year.

/pao – 31 dec 2011 – 14.18

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