Back from the forest.

Back from the forest after having been off for four days with my father.  I feel much better now, as always after having been back to where my heart belongs.  On the way home we stayed at a café and the man at the counter recognised me from television and asked me if I were not wearing my ears today.  I lifted my hat to him, showing him my ears which was (quite obviously) hidden beneath it as ears tend to be when one covers one’s head.

Sadly, I forgot the paper bag with some folders and stuff there, but it will be all right until I get there again.  I got some Christmas decorations from my grandmother though, and I am quite sad to have forgotten them there since I don’t have any other Christmas decorations but a bag of blue balls here in Paolair.  Oh well…

Hopefully I will begin to put up some reviews here soon.  Some friends have asked me to start reviewing books, and since I no longer almost exclusively buy second hand books which have (most probably) been out of print for the last decade (or century in some cases), I will start doing that.  The first book will be Into The Wild in the new edition, by Jon Krakauer, which is about the young man Chris McCandless who went out into the forest in Alaska in 1992, where he survived for a bit over a hundred days before falling ill and then dying alone by starvation.  I read it now while I was out in the forest, and it was quite sad, but beautiful.

Longer review will come later today or tomorrow perhaps.  Now I should tidy up a bit and try to see what food I have at home, and also write the last Christmas cards.

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