Happy New (Gregorian) Year.

I have to wait almost five months more until my New Year, but for all you who like to celebrate the end of the calendar year; a happy new year to you.   I will spend the time with my male and my female at my male’s place, although I don’t celebrate this night in any other way than playing/singing Nyårshambo by Big fish and regretting things that should be regretted.  I have a few of those, but at least once a year I will regret them in preparation of the last of April when I let go of things that I should no longer keep.

My current Paobook is far from finished, so I’ll keep hold of it at least for half a year more I guess.

I will bring along the recorder.  I have no idea how long I will stay this time.


I have bought a camera.  Today I was out on the balcony and took some photos.


That’s all for now, I guess.  See you next year.

/pao – 31 dec 2011 – 14.18


Once upon a time, very long gone now, I hung out on some sort of chat rooms and communities on MSN.  They too are since long time gone…

The reason I bring this up is because a long time ago there was an RPG community there, called Keep of the Necromancer (KotN for short).  I used to go by the name Melanie the Sorceress at that time, and I had a great time there.  Sadly, this was at the time when I at first started to get my severe winter depressions and during one my precense there just kind of faded away.

There were some people there I got to know and lost contact with.  Some of them I can not forget, and I have sometimes tried to find them again.  To tell them that they made an impression, and that my life has been better for having known them, having shared this once upon a time with them.  Having weaved a story together with them was something I will treasure forever.

I remember that our GM was called Arthurian.  Up to this day I am still impressed with how he managed everything.  I especially remember and still sometimes laugh at the small messages he would write in the list of who where doing what, where.

I remember two ilythiiri (drow); Kalgaroth and Julienne.  Kalgaroth was and is someone who I was deeply in awe of because of his writing.  His posts were usually masterfully written, and when I talked to him privately he was a kind and friendly person.  Julienne too was someone I used to talk to both privately and in game, who was a good friend.  She noticed once that I was not sounding like myself in a post and asked me if I was all right.
(These two are the ones who introduced me to the ilythiiri and are the ones to blame for a love of that race.  A love I have carried with me for over ten years.)

There was also a bard, called Mica Nor.  Unlike the others I did not have any private contact with him, but he used to write poems about what the group did and stuff.  I had a dream about him a few nights ago, which made me think I should write this post.

I also remember someone called Azalyn.  I had some private contact with her, but I cannot remember much.  I know she had to leave because she was ill, but I cannot remember any details.


If anyone reads this and either knows these people or perhaps also was a part of Keep of the Necromancer, please leave a comment.  I hope that you are all right and that perhaps you think of me too sometimes, perhaps laughing at something I wrote or said.


/pao – 18 dec 2011 – 22.17



Review: Glögg

Well, I talked to my father about reviewing mulled wine as well as some other things, so since I just had a cup of Dufvenkrooks Chili Choklad I thought I could as well review that one.  Note that I do not think that my opinions on this is in any way the True Opinion that all should have; this is mostly a good way for me to keep track of different new things that I try.  I will also not give any coherent review, but mostly list different aspects on a scale of one to five stars, with five being better than lower scores.
Here we go:

Dufvenkrooks Chili Choklad
2.25% alcohol
Glass bottle, 75 cl
Recomendation on bottle: Serve warm.

Smell: * * *
It smells a lot like mulled wine, with a hint of dark chocolate, missing some tones in the spectrum.  There is a sharp note before the chocolate one, stronger than the chocolate one, which I have not noticed in other mulled wine.  I do not like it much, but the overall impression is all right.  Not much better than all right, but at least that.

Taste: * *
There are more notes missing to the taste spectrum than to the smell spectrum, but the taste is sweeter than normal.  Also it has a strange, slightly bitter and hollow aftertaste.  I taste no hint of chilli.  It is not disgusting, but there is nothing here worth experiencing.

Colour: * * * *
The colour is lovely; it seems to be a slightly lighter shade of red than normal.  It is beautiful, but still not enough to earn a fifth star.  (Although their Blåbär Lingon is a clear five.  I will review that one later.)

Priceworthiness: * * *
I paid about 25 sek for it.  Since the mulled wine itself is drinkable and it is not very expensive, it is not a disaster.  If one likes experimenting, it is not that terrible and I would say that it is far from a waste of money.  But then again, sometimes my standards are not especially high.  If one likes experimenting, I would suggest making one’s own mulled wine.  It is bound to be more exciting, although perhaps not in a good way…

Verdict: I am not very impressed.  At all.  Although I must say that I like it when people try to invent new things.  For trying this combination I have to give them a small plus in the margin; not even I would have thought about trying to mix chocolate and chilli with mulled wine.

/pao – 06 dec 2011 – 20.03


Back from the forest.

Back from the forest after having been off for four days with my father.  I feel much better now, as always after having been back to where my heart belongs.  On the way home we stayed at a café and the man at the counter recognised me from television and asked me if I were not wearing my ears today.  I lifted my hat to him, showing him my ears which was (quite obviously) hidden beneath it as ears tend to be when one covers one’s head.

Sadly, I forgot the paper bag with some folders and stuff there, but it will be all right until I get there again.  I got some Christmas decorations from my grandmother though, and I am quite sad to have forgotten them there since I don’t have any other Christmas decorations but a bag of blue balls here in Paolair.  Oh well…

Hopefully I will begin to put up some reviews here soon.  Some friends have asked me to start reviewing books, and since I no longer almost exclusively buy second hand books which have (most probably) been out of print for the last decade (or century in some cases), I will start doing that.  The first book will be Into The Wild in the new edition, by Jon Krakauer, which is about the young man Chris McCandless who went out into the forest in Alaska in 1992, where he survived for a bit over a hundred days before falling ill and then dying alone by starvation.  I read it now while I was out in the forest, and it was quite sad, but beautiful.

Longer review will come later today or tomorrow perhaps.  Now I should tidy up a bit and try to see what food I have at home, and also write the last Christmas cards.

/pao – 06 dec 2011 – 16.47