So, from midnight today and all through November, it’s time for another episode of National Novel Writing Month, also known as NaNoWriMo!  Feel free to join in, and write that book you’ve never gotten around to writing.

I participated last year, and finished with about 50300 words.  What will happen this year is a bit uncertain, but I will try.  (I will also try writing all 50000 words before the eleventh, because that is when Skyrim will be released.  It’s a bit less than 5000 words a day, which is not impossible for a day or two, but I have no idea if it will be possible for ten days straight.  We’ll see.)

So, I will not be around much.  It should be obvious why.


The autumn is almost over.  Almost all leaves have fallen and the frost will come any week, if nothing happens.  Nanowrimo is a warm window of light in the gloomy pre-winter weather.  A window overflowing with warm orange light and sparkling white lights; a promise of companionship and joy and slightly manic polishing of phrases.  People all over the world coming together for one thing; to write books feverishly for a month.  Books which would otherwise probably never be written.

It’s a wonderful thing.

/pao – 31 oct 2011 – 19.16

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Mina hundra ord för idag:

It’s really hard work being strong and brave.
It takes a lot of energy and compassion to meet hate and scorn with kindness and polite understanding.  It takes a lot of patience to correct the same misconceptions and lies again and again.  It’s hard work; sometimes quite heartbreaking and gut-wrenching.

When feeling sad and unsafe in church or with Christians, I think of Saint Francis.  When in need of courage to leave my cage, I think of Creggan of Cape Wrath.

Now, faced with hate and scorn, I think of D’Joan, and I go out to give my love.