I wrote both these for my hundred words today.  The first one got a bit too long, so I put it here instead.  Now off to sleep.


shrouded in thunder and gently falling night
a creeping nightmare fading into daylight
a deep pool of water in pale candlelight
something below the surface frightening
a sudden blinding whiteness – lightning
frantic wings take flight

one – a friend in the shadows
a puppet master hidden from sight
two – a friend in the forest
a companion close as a dancing shadow
three – a friend on the shore
with seaweed in his salt-stained hair

four – lavender
for regret and remorse
five – peppermint
for sedated calm
six – clove oil
that is for secrets, forgotten history
and stories untold
songs never sung

something moving just below the surface
behind her eyes, below her feet
that dark pool of water – is it oil?
a spark falls





a lingering feeling that something is lost
see, my friend has thunder in his eyes
and sometimes the wind catches his hair
no hands can capture a storm
no paws can hold it down

one – a memory of what never was;
a campfire surrounded by ice
silent songs warming cold hearts
two – a song never sung;
a song of rain and summer
whispering reeds and dragonflies
shadows and light

a lingering feeling of sadness and loss
see, my friend is like the ever moving sea
his skin is covered by salt crystals
my tears like diamonds in his seaweed hair.



/pao – 8 sep 2011 – 05.00

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