(quiet splash)

I was watching my female try to fix the virus-infested, slightly broken computer, and a string of text caught my attention:
“quiet splash — maybe ubiquity”

For some reason, I just found that line really pretty, and today I wrote a very peculiar poem based on that line for my hundred words. I will paste it here.


Quiet splash
maybe ubiquity
maybe ambiguity
or maybe, maybe
something completely
from that

quiet splash into
processes and
strange text on the screen
unfamiliar terms
black and white
which way
is right?

quiet splash
headlong plunge
churning, spinning,
droning, reading,
learning, thinking,
something breaking
something broken
but what, where,
how to find it?

quiet splash
maybe ubiquity
as the technology
all around us
as the electric impulses
inside us
as our digital brains
outside us
as our digital souls
separated from us

are we still us
if all we are –
remember –
think –
is stored
outside of us?


Tomorrow the boss of the Helpers is coming here to talk to me.  This has the potential of getting really interesting.  Also, the screen to my phone is dead, which means I can’t really use it.  If one wants to contact me, I suggest mail, or grabbing one of my abbilen who usually knows ways to reach me.

That was all for today.

/pao – 22 aug 2011 – 03.31

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