I came back to the blog after Pride to find that I had over 18,000 spam comments.  After having cried a few manly tears, I began deleting them, and they are now gone.  It took about a day.

There are things I want to write here, and I will go ahead and do that despite the fact that it is not winter yet.  I have a list of things that should go here, and there should be some more short and random entries as well.  I will try to start using tags again to make things easier for my poor readers.

Oh well.  My eyes hurt, and I should sleep now.  But here is an extra treat; my hundred words for 8 aug 2011:

“We were watching the city burn, the sparks against the night sky like stars, the thick pillars of smoke like clouds.  The ash fell over us like snowflakes, but the heat of the raging fire warmed us.  Some of us were dancing, singing, drumming on empty metal barrels, plastic buckets.  We were feral now; destroying the society which had had us collared.  Nearby we heard gunshots, and an alarm joined into the music we were weaving.  The music of the time to come.
A burning roof came crashing down and threw up a cascade of new stars into the sky.”

Until next time
/pao – 13 aug 2011 – 04.15

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