From the back window of the bus before it left for Catlair, after I had visited my male.  It was really pleasant being at his place again.

Here are my hundred words from last night:
Long before the Age of Flesh, there was the Age of Wood.  The seaweed from the oceans crept up on the shores and tried to grow there, but the Wind Bringers flew across the skies, beating at the earth with their wings, tearing the seaweed up from the rocky grounds, spreading their seeds where they went.  One seed was dropped into a small crack of a mountain, and there the Wind Bringers could not reach with their wings.
And there it grew alone, slowly in the meagre stone-soil, into the first tree, with thick, strong bark for a skin.

I have to make a good story about that soon.

/pao – 17 aug 2011 – 02.16

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