I have been putting my blog-posts into categories now, more or less succeeding in spreading some sort of order.  A few more categories have been added, such as “sleepingpill amnesia” which I will put to use in this very post!  Feel the winds of newness blow gently in your face as you read this.
Because, last night I apparently decided to melt and eat chocolate on my sleepingpills.  Oh well.  I hope it was good…

Yesterday was also spent trying to teach my dear Englishman some simple Swedish.  It went all right, actually.  He’s a very clever creature.  I tried to read him some Swedish, and I ended up reading about the effects of my sleepingpills on people driving or using heavy machinery until my female said; “raaaargh!” and curled up over her desk.  I might have to find something else to read for him.

I’m listening a great deal to TchKung! and reading anarchist books and propaganda.  It’s quite interesting, really.  Very creative and arty as well.  Although it isn’t very good to try to find inspiration for writing in; I just end up wanting to sit with some friends in abandoned buildings, drumming at random things and howling and dancing.
Which is fun in its own way, but it doesn’t involve writing.

Although I do like history.  I believe in history and knowledge.  And I want to keep it.  I don’t feel that keeping history is holding me back or chaining me to events.  But I’m Pao, and I have never had problems with being wrong or with changing myself and my patterns…

Oh well, going home to feed the rats and water the plants today.

/pao – 14 aug 2011 – 17.55

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