(christmas 02)

So, with forty-five minutes of sleep, I still managed.  I am awesome.  There was some reading done.  There was massive amounts of food.  I managed to steal about an hour of uneasy, light sleep a few hours ago.  It was filled with the talking and laughing voices of Marrawa’s family, and it was pleasant.  I stirred now and then.  Marrawa’s mother offered me to borrow a very pleasant blanket; soft and fluffy.

It was cheerful.  I showed them my new bible.
Earlier I went with Marrawa’s father’s side to light grave-candles and things for the dead.
There was terribly sad and frozen birds there.  It is cold and hard for them to find food now, but people give them food there.

Frozen bird.

On the way to Marrawa I took some photos of the ice on the glass house-thingy at the bus stop.

And there was frostbitten, ice-crystal covered trees…

Now I’m off to take my drugs and hopefully pass out into blissful oblivion.


/pao – 24 dec 2010 – 20.06

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