(red lipstick)

I cannot remember if I have put this one up anywhere.   It is an interesting poem in that it was written in the spring, and not in the autumn as most my autumn poems.   So here it is;

The autumn winds are making the forest sing
And so I sit here, singing with my crying woodwind
The times of summer laughter and joy
Drown in the grey mist that now cover these lands
And envelop us in the taste of the coming cold

You can feel it, can you not, my friend?
Hear the silent words that whisper
in the voice of the howling wind;
Save what you can, winter is coming
Save what you can, winter is coming…

Red lipstick really suits me.   Red eyeshadow suits my sofa a little less.
Watching Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei.   Hilarious anime, with lots of fun details going on in the background. Makes me think a bit less about how messy my life is at the moment.

But I cleaned a bit today.   This was rather pleasant, in a way.   I want to clean a bit more.   But at the moment I can’t have light on.   Perhaps tomorrow.

I’m sad.   And hurting.   And I miss being angry.   Being angry suits me.

/pao – 10 oct 2010 – 01.30

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