Today’s Zeromancer quote;
“It’s my life, yeah I know it’s not a perfect one, but it’s a life I can live with…”

I am doing the laundry to have clean clothes tomorrow when I will leave for a few days, for funeral and things.  I have to be up fairly early tomorrow, so this means early sleep (hahah!) tonight.  I have food I should eat before going.

Tonight, I will have an abban over for a few hours.  This might be very interesting.  However, he is not food, so things should be alright in the end, and he will probably leave alive.

I have ideas for things I want to write.  I hope I will have some time in between funeral and other things.  But I know that time will not be enough.

I need more time.  A lot more time.
And I have all time in the world, but it is the wrong kind of time.
This time is not usable for turning into stories.

/pao – 13 oct 2010 – 15.07


and now you drink my warm blood / from the rusty iron cup / so cold to your lips now..
all is still now / all is still silence and cold quiet now / and you can not tell if the metallic taste is blood or rust / on your tongue..
and when the world falls silent / we will all get our share / of blood songs…

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