(fake ice cream)

today I repotted plants and made food.
one of the things I made was some interesting fake ice cream.

Recipe is as follows;

Fake ice-cream:
Pour cream in a bowl, add vanilla sugar and some plain white sugar. Beat until firm and hardish. Put in fridge to get cold.

Chocolate sauce:
I used cocoa powder of the kind you put in milk to make hot chocolate. I took a few teaspoons of milk and added powder until it had the viscosity I wanted.

Take out the fake ice cream and put the chocolate sauce on it. Eat.

Keep in mind that the fake ice cream is both fat and very sweet, so even if you don’t like the bitterness of cocoa you should still make the sauce quite strong. Trust me on this. :3


I just thought I should share this with the world. It was delicious.

/pao – 13 oct 2010 – 02.30

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  1. Things which are delicious should be shared. That makes them more so. Or just makes them more.

  2. Lilith: This is very true. And it is always nice to make something you think that others might enjoy as well. Recipes are like stories; they aren’t meant to be kept hidden from the world. :3