I haven’t written here for some days. I went to visit an abbil in the north, Angel. When there, I was reached by the news that my father’s father had died.
When I returned home, my father called me to say that the funeral will be held on the fifteenth, but we will go there the fourteenth, probably.
And then I was far too tired to write here, and a bit at a loss for words.

Now I have watched Lost and Delirious again. One of my favorite movies.

I am slightly drunk on Caol Ila, and I have been reading in the book I bought in Sundsvall on the way to the trains. A beautiful book from 1883, about the life of Luther.

Book, red, the life of Luther

I am tired, sad, in pain and alone.
But at least I am listening to Tavener’s Funeral Ikos. Always something, although not very cheerful. Seems rather fitting at the moment.

I should sleep soon.
I have things I really should do tomorrow. Including more food.

I just thought I ought to write something, to keep up.
Even though I’m not very good company right now.

Nos da, all you people who read this. I might be back on IRC soon. Perhaps.

/pao – 8 oct 2010 – 02.45

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