there was an election.
there was cheating, and voting papers being thrown out in paper bins, or being denied.
because of this, I walked about ten kilometers to visit four voting locations around where I live, to see that everything was in order.
a xenophobic party got voted in.
a big manifestation with about five or six thousand people was held at the central of Stockholm, protesting the fact that a party of xenophobes was voted in.
at about ten pm a young man was attacked in the south part of central Stockholm, and cut in the belly by assailants who thought he was a member by said xenophobic party…
only that he wasn’t, he just happened to walk by.


There is much to be said about this, but I’m still too tired.
I bought food. I now refuse to go out for about a week.
Probably as well, when I think about it.
Preparing to stay home for quite a while…

/pao – 22 sept 2010 – 01.52

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