(an even newer day)

I haven’t slept very well, and I have slept far too little.  Last night, I couldn’t fall asleep, so I read the
Principia Discordia instead.  I don’t know if this was a good thing or a bad thing, but it was great fun.  And sometimes it made a disturbing amount of sense.  And all in all it reminded me of the Malkavian vampire clan from VtM.
The clan I’m not allowed to play, because I’m too insane and make too much sense.

Drinking tea, listening to Van Der Graaf Generator, waking up rather slowly.
Should make breakfast at some point.  And then some music.

I quote the message you get when you reach the twelfth level in the game Oblivion;
You can’t believe how easy it is. You just have to go… a little crazy. And then, suddenly, it all makes sense, and everything you do turns to gold.

/pao – 28 sept 2010 – 15.49

(You can also download a rather pleasant .pdf of the Principia Discordia here.)


Took some photos of the dusk again. It makes me happy. One day, I will get a real camera that gets the colours right, I hope. This one gets red hues a bit wrong. To get the red a bit better, the yellow goes insane. But one cannot have everything, I guess.

Tired. Feeling rather alright, and almost a bit relaxed. I’m still a long way away from feeling well, but it is going in the right direction. Being rather confused still, but I am almost up to my standard quantities of tea-drinking for depression.

My mother called today. She was at her mother’s place. I talked to her mother as well.
I was actually not feeling that sad afterwards.

/pao – 28 sept 2010 – 21.05

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