(spring, life, rats)

I have two new female rats, a brown one called Nigredo and a brown/white (hooded) one called Rubedo.

I am cleaning up in my lair, writing poetry, and wasting time on things that make me happy.

Life is returning. The rhubarb I thought was dead is in fact not dead. The birds outside are singing in the dawn. I just saw a deer walking over the parking lot.

Even here, even amongst all the houses, all the people, all the cars and cement and gravel and fences… there is still life. Real life. And I am not alone.

Soon there is a full moon.

And in about a week, there is a new year for the Pao.


Not much worth putting on this blog is happening at the moment. I fill my life with tea, books and languages. Other than that, I am waking up. Looking at the returning life with a happy heart.
Singing for the returning spring.

Welcoming it with open arms.


Today I took a hot bath with lighted tea candles, opium incense, listening to relaxing and calm piano music (Frozen Silence, highly recommended) and drank a little Caol Ila. It made Pao a very calm, relaxed, happy and slightly intoxicated Pao.


Time to sleep.
Bwael isto, lueth ssinjin deis.

/Pao – 23 apr 2010 – 03.00 am