(interesting day)

My female is not here. After having finally fallen asleep yesterday (after a lot of talking to my dear Kadanina about Swedish and other languages), I woke up this morning, far too early. First by a terrible nightmare, and then later with a creature sitting on my laptop, staring at me about two inches from my face.

Well, I didn’t do much today, mostly spoke to Kadanina, and dreda, and a male of a friend of my male, and waited for Mothersister to end her shift and come over.

Ate pancakes today, and later fishsticks and egg.

Mothersister came over, I went to the door to meet her, bringing New Rat Kadana with me on a lead. Later Mothersister and I talked a bit. Hugging, discussing small humanlings, being awed and me being awed and impressed by the complexity of placentas…

Then, Kadanina introduced me to another person I am not allowed to hunt. It was alright, I was the best Pao I could. Trembling and nervous and filled with suspicion.

The creatures started saying bad things about her and Kadanina, but I am already too drugged to mind them much..

I have to go to bed now though. Mothersister is already there, sleeping.

high as a kite
/pao – 10 feb 2010 – 06.05 am

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