“Do you always believe in God, or do you only believe in Him when you think you’re going to die? Because if you only believe in Him under those circumstances, perhaps you should let Him concentrate on the people who actually love Him…”

They are not really my words, but sometimes, I just get so frustrated and upset at some people, who only pray to God when they want things, to ask for things, to complain about things. It’s a bit like telling everyone how you really love your grandparents, and how wonderful they are and how happy they make you, but you only call them to complain about how miserable you are and ask them to please send you more money.
Also, people who tell other people that they will burn in Hell just because their opinions differ from someone else’s make me feel sick. (If you believe in Hell, it is slightly better, because then at least believe in what you say, but people who are only using the threat of Hell to convert people or threaten them when they disagree make me feel sick.)

But yes, people praying to God only to ask for favours or kindly ask Him to smite people, but never just once stopping to just say “Well, this day has been nice, and it hasn’t rained even once! Thank you God, it was just what I needed!” just feels very… false. Because if you love someone, you call them just to say hello too, right? Or is God some sort of cosmic grandparent you only ask for money?

It’s four thirty-one ante meridiem, and I am terribly tired, feeling very old and bitter.

People who only believe in God when they are in need doesn’t really care about God. They don’t love God. They just want someone else to sort out their fucking mess for them.

People like that depresses me terribly.

(especially when I would just want to pray myself, and really hope someone actually listens…)

/pao – 26 nov 2009 – 04.36

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