I am sick. The kind with fever and a constant feeling of being about to throw up. Threw up earlier, which made me think about yet another reason why I can’t believe in Intelligent Design.
“God works in mysterious ways,” fine. But if someone designed the human body, that someone still made some really stupid mistakes, or at least quite a sloppy job with some things.

The cats are doing fine. I really hope I won’t make them sick, but viruses and bacteria don’t seem to be that fond of jumping between species. Which of course is a good thing.

Not much happened today. Mostly because after having thrown up in the morning I gave up on this day and solved it with sedatives. And then I slept and let my body heal. I will soon sleep again, but I have learned that if I keep myself constantly sedated my body finds it hard to boot again, and I faint a lot. So I went up and curled up before my computer with my head on the table, half asleep to really terrible documentaries from the Swedish National Television.

I can has biscuits.
I even kind of lets dreda take care of me a bit. For you who know me, that is a sign of how bad I’m actually feeling.

I don’t think it is the swine flu. If it is, I’m still not overly worried.
As dreda so eloquently put it; “Most of those who have died used to be healthy people. You’re not healthy.”
So finally my sickness is statistically in my favour! Yay me! :p

Tomorrow (well, later today) Mothersister will return. I hope I don’t make her sick. :(

Tadah! End transmission for today. Now of to rye porridge and Rydjorn.

/pao 22 oct 99+10 01.36

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