(long day)

yesterday, that is monday, I went to see both my doctor and my psychologist.. it was an awfully long day, and I stayed in the building between the two appointments, except for when I wandered off to get some cola.

posted the letter(s) to Kadanina..

forgot to ask the doctor of a new appointment in about a month, but got a number and an e-mail address.. at least it is something else than having to depend on my sometimes terribly forgetful Helpers.

the two cats are doing fine now and seems to be very happy.. they are cuddly and very fluffy.

not much happening.
words are happening.
random recorder playing.

no keyboard playing in a while.. which is a pity, really.

and tea happens far too rarely; the same with sleep.

/pao 20 oct 99+10 05.15

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