(cats II)

still not sure whether to write everything in the same post during the day or not.. so this one is a short, free-standing post/entry.. dancing in limbo.

all pets moved into my room.. Mothersister with cats due to arrive in half an hour.. haven’t slept a minute.

the orangy creatures look very curiously at Linus.. I hope they aren’t predatory.

I have to find somewhere to put the lamp, or it will get very dark in here.

also, at some time in the future, I would love to take a shower…

I opened my door, and looked out. It is day now, and the bright light hurt my poor eyes. I opened the glass door out to the balcony and stood there, blinking. With the windows closed, it was about ten degrees Celsius there, and the sun felt warm to my skin.
It felt almost like a memory of summer.

Soon it will all be gone, once again.
Fade into a distant blur.

Linus doesn’t really seem to approve. Let us see if he will approve more when the cats arrive…
“Come muse, let us sing of rats!”

/pao 18 oct 99+10 10.27

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